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Cosmic Topology

Cosmic Topology researches the relation between visual perception, the photographic image and the constructing of beliefs. Visual perception stands at the base of most of our beliefs about the world surrounding us, for example the field of Astronomy relies almost exclusively on visual evidence. We consider this sense as the most reliable, though not absolutely so. There is a common question to asked about scientific research and photography: is it possible to conceive a totality of physical reality?

Through a multi-disciplinary installation that combines images from scientific databases and archives with our own interventions we play with the viewers observations, beliefs and visual perception. We use images from the Lunar Sample Compendium, Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter i.a. and our own photographs to create objects, landscapes and experiences that are a new representation of reality other than the one we already know. Our exhibit is a combination of executed works that respond to each other and reinforce each other. From beautifully printed works on the wall, to installations that you can walk around, to a video installation. This together creates an atmosphere in which the viewer will wonder to what extent reality reaches.

This project is made possible with the support of Heij Konijn Fonds, Stichting Stokroos and Stichting Niemeijer Fonds