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Artist Statement

The artist duo Amber ter Haar & Tamira Boogaard researches the relation between photographic image and reality. Approaching photography from philosophical questions on perception and reality makes the image a starting point to create a new dimension rather than it being a final result. The boundaries of the photographic medium are explored by the field of tension between reality, perception, and photographic representation that they create within their works.


Amber ter Haar, 1993, Arnhem

Tamira Boogaard,1992, Dordrecht

Working in Utrecht


Amber ter Haar / 2016 Bachelor of Design, Photography, HKU Utrecht University of the Arts

Tamira Boogaard / 2016 Bachelor of Design, Photography, HKU Utrecht University of the Arts


CURRENT Licht!, Galerie Pouloeuff, Naarden, The Netherlands

2019 Summer group exhibition, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2019 Ex Bunker, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2019 Social Impact Factory, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2019 Fotofestival OFF, Naarden, The Netherlands

2019 Nexus I, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2019 Beam This!, Haarlem, The Netherlands

2018 Present!, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2018 BOYB NFF Edition, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2018 Unseen Book Fair

2017 Galerie Sehnsucht, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2017 Photoboook Exhibition, Athens Photo Festival

2017 23:49, Kunstliefde, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2017 Space Millepiani, Rome, Italy

2017 CICA Museum Seoul, 2017

2016 Unseen Book Fair

2016 Galerie 5&33, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2016 Galerie KIS, Amsterdam

2016 Graduation Exhibition, HKU Utrecht University of the Arts

2015 Academie Galerie Utrecht

2014 Academie Galerie Utrecht


2019 Dit is een vertaling, Mister Motley


2017 Art Yellow Book #3

2017 GUP New Photography Talent

2016 Picture This Graduation Catalogue

2016 Mister Motley Online Platform


2018 Stichting Niemeijer Fonds

2018 Stichting Stokroos

2018 Heij Konijn Fonds